Alternatives to Moonbase Alpha

Alternatives to Moonbase Alpha
  • Mortar Melon for Windows 10
    Mortar Melon for Windows 10

    A free game for Windows

    Free In English
  • ROBLOX 2.427.399257
    ROBLOX 2.427.399257

    A super-fun Lego style building game that is perfect for kids and grown ups alike

    Free In English
  • Selingua 5.2
    Selingua 5.2

    Seven fun games to practice and learn languages

    Free In English
  • Google Chrome Canary 83.0.4098.0
    Google Chrome Canary 83.0.4098.0

    An alpha version of the popular web browser Google Chrome that gives you access to the latest upcoming updates and features

    Free In English
  • Hello Neighbor 1.0
    Hello Neighbor 1.0

    A horror game that offers fun graphics, an interesting soundtrack, and puzzle-solving opportunities

    Paid In English
  • Alpha Prime Demo
    Alpha Prime Demo

    Exciting action adventure with a sci-fi story

    Trial version In English
  • Genesis Alpha One 1
    Genesis Alpha One 1

    A base building game that doubles as a first person shooter

    Trial version In English
  • Alpha Ball 1.4
    Alpha Ball 1.4

    Brick breaker arcade game with multiple levels and classic graphics

    Trial version In English
  • Alpha Protocol
    Alpha Protocol

    An action RPG with espionage elements set in modern times

    Paid In English
  • Smart Educational Games 1.1
    Smart Educational Games 1.1

    Fool your child into thinking he's playing video games

    Trial version In English
  • uTorrent Alpha Beta 3.4.30219
    uTorrent Alpha Beta 3.4.30219

    Free BitTorrent client that you can use on Windows, works with all torrent links

    Free In English
  • Sean's Magic Slate 1.6.0
    Sean's Magic Slate 1.6.0

    A Free Educational game for Windows

    Free In English
  • River-Simulator 2012 1.22
    River-Simulator 2012 1.22

    A Trial version Strategy game for Windows, by Astragon

    Trial version In English
  • Shoot Many Robots
    Shoot Many Robots

    Video game where your goal is to shoot as many robots as possible

    Paid In English
  • Station Spacewalk Game
    Station Spacewalk Game

    The government funded videogame that gives players the ability to repair the ISS

    Free In English
  • Take On Mars 2016
    Take On Mars 2016

    Cool Game for Simulation Fans

    Paid In English